Hey, we do know that you do know what presents your friends want this holiday season. But we also know that we all have that one friend. That one friend who you can kill to impress but she’s just so picky! You know she’s lovely and not judgmental, but you also know she’s cringing internally when she gets a gift that she doesn’t like.

Because c’mon would a fashionista really be interested in story books? Or gifts that are not trendy enough? Like girl that is so out of fashion why would you buy me that! Oh, admit it, we all do that. And if you don’t want karma to do that to you, you better be good at gifting.

To make things easier for you, here is a list of a few gifts that your chic girlie friend is going to love!

Velvet Booties

Stylish and in, this gift is going to make your friend’s snazzy heart melt. Considering, its winters she wouldn’t have to store the shoes until next year. You can easily fetch a pair from anywhere; for those whose wallets permit buying booties that cost a bomb, they can get their GF Roger Vivier booties that cost, uh, $5100. Kate Bosworth was just spotted making a style statement in a pair of these.

For those who want to get something on the less pricey end of the spectrum, they can rush to Nine West. That brand has got some killer yet affordable shoes. And since Black Friday is just around the corner, Nine West is offering 50% off.

Statement Clutch Bag

You know what’s the best thing about bags? They aren’t suitable for just one season. Summers or winters, you can carry a classy clutch at any time of the year. Unless of course, you opt to buy your fashionista friend a furry handbag (those are seriously in) Or you can avoid the risk and go for something like a sparkly clutch bag (another design that is in vogue these days)

Balenciaga’s rearview mirror clutch bag is one of the latest “It” bags. Macy’s is offering an amazing black Friday sale. Or you can just get some sparkly or embroidered bag that honors this year’s trends from Accessorize.

Jewelry forever

One thing that can never go wrong; jewelry. A nice bracelet or a choker necklace is sure to win your friend’s heart. Want to keep it trendy? Go for mismatched earrings. But only if she’s got a thing for all things quirky. You can rush to a premium brand or stick to H&M and Forever 21. You can also find your favorite pieces at Accessorize. Or just check out Pandora; they’ve got some lively pieces.

Socks for this season

What? You thought the fashion-forward women in your life don’t care about socks? Well, they totally do. Especially if you get them a pair from the Hello Kitty x ASOS collection. Or you could get your pal a pair from Rihanna’s Thottie or Nice sock collection. That one is a hit. Another incredible option is these latest MP Glovax socks that do not stink. You can wear these for six days straight without having to worry about them smelling like a rotten banana has decided to live in there.

Yay makeup

90% of the ladies who are into fashion are also into makeup. And there is just so much you can get your makeup loving friend. Head to Huda Beauty and get her some amazing eyeshadow palettes. Or get your friend something from Jeffree Star’s Holiday collection or Kylie Jenner’s Holiday 2017 collection. Not to forget Fenty Beauty has some (all, basically) great products too. There is just so much to choose from!