Apart from her pouty lips, Kylie Jenner has played a part in promoting another big beauty trend too. Dubbed lash lifting, this procedure basically perms your lashes such that you can throw out your eye lash curler and mascara out of the window. At least for the next two months.

This treatment is like any other hair treatment, but just requires more careful consideration. Of course, because its your eyes that we’re talking about. Since chemicals are involved in the procedure, adverse side effects are not only possible but also rather common.

Research has not been conducted showing the occurrence of side effects. However, customer reviews online are proof that the procedure is not completely safe. For this reason, aestheticians have detailed FAQ pages for informing customers of what they can expect.

The Process

Different aestheticians use different solutions for the purpose of perming your eyelashes. However, the procedure is essentially the same. First of all, pads are placed both on your eyelids and below your eyes. The purpose is to prevent the exposure of other parts of the eye, such as the lower lash line, from being exposed to the solutions used.

Above your eye, on the lid, silicone pads are placed different than those kept under your eyes. A chemical solution is applied to break the disulfide bonds of your lashes. This is done to reform the shape of your lashes through a special rolling tool that combs your lashes which are then stuck to the silicone pad. Your aesthetician will ask you what your lash preferences are and will reshape your lashes based on the shape of eyes.

Once the perming lotion sits on your eyelashes for a while, typically 4 to 12 minutes, another solution will be put on your lashes. This one will contain keratin and other ingredients for re-strengthening the bonds of the lash hairs. This is done so that the new shape given to your lashes gets set. This is how the procedure works. In total, it doesn’t take more than 45 minutes.

The Results

What you get are perfectly gravity-defying lashes that don’t look unnatural as is the case with using mascara. These results last for 6 to 8 weeks after which you will need to get the procedure done again for maintaining the look. It can be a pretty addictive look since you’re sure to fetch a lot of compliments.

Pre- and Post-Procedure Tips

Before the procedure, you will be required to:

  • Completely clean your lashes. This involves getting rid of any residual makeup including mascara and eye makeup remover which may leave behind oil.
  • Remove your contact lenses prior to the application.

During the process, you’re unlikely to feel any pain or discomfort. If anything, the procedure can be rather relaxing. Since your eyes will be closed during the duration of it, you may be tempted to sleep but this is something that you don’t have to do at all.

After the procedure, be careful NOT to:

  • Expose your lashes to water for the next 24 to 48 hours. Water can weaken the solution applied and ruin the results, making your money go to waste.
  • Wear any makeup products on your eyes to prevent irritation for at least 1 to 2 days.

Are there any risks involved?

As in the case of any other chemical procedure, of course there are risks involved. There is risk of eye infection, eye irritation, and more. Your eyes are sensitive organs which is why no solution should come into contact with the waterline and the ocular surface. Unfortunately, the waterline gets exposed to the solutions used.

Some possible side effects include rashes, blisters, dry eyes, watery eyes, inflammation, and brittle lashes. If you rub your eyes on irritation, you may experience further damage. Your cornea can get scratched or traumatized.

If you have a history of eye infections, dry eyes or styes reconsider whether or not you should go for this procedure. Your skin can also get affected negatively. This is why it is best that you get a patch tested, for instance you can get a small amount of the solution tested on your elbow, to see if there are any unwelcome reactions.

Choosing the right aesthetician

Every state has different laws on such procedures. Some states require that the practitioner get a license to perform the procedure. Unlike medical products, beauty related processes and products don’t get tested. The FDA doesn’t regulate the lash lift procedure.

Your job is to ensure that you pick the right aesthetician. There are also some dermatologists that perform this procedure. Take a look at the before and after procedure pictures of the practitioner you select, have a look at the reviews given on the website, and give a thorough look at other details as well. It’s best to have an appointment for discussion with the practitioner before getting the procedure done.

Are there any other options you can choose?

There are other ways as well you can make your lashes look more volumized and longer. Common practices include making use of mascaras and eyelash curlers. However, those two also have risks of use. You must ensure that you use quality products and keep the wands for curling and applying mascara clean.

Waterproof mascaras are also available. As for eyelash curling tools, their curling effect lasts only till the lashes are not exposed to water. Therefore, both these options, which can be combined, are temporary. Whereas lash lifts, those have a longer life. People also make use of false lashes. Wearing those on the daily is not recommended since the glue that is used for the purpose can damage the waterline or cause eye-related problems.

There’s the option of lash extensions as well but those are more troublesome to maintain and don’t have as natural a look. They are also not a permanent solution even though like lash lifts, they last quite a while. You can use some natural oils, such as a light dab of olive oil, for naturally lengthening your eyelashes.

Sum Up

A relatively new and popular way to get lashes with more volume and length is going for lash lifting aka lash perming. This procedure takes less than an hour, but its results last for 6 to 8 weeks. There are some risks involved which is why it is best to consider your history regarding eye related problems and choose a reliable aesthetician.