The good thing about this holiday season is not just limited to the holidays available. Rather it extends to the blessings that are bombarded on us with the innumerable holiday collections hitting the stores. One much-awaited holiday collection that is just around the corner is Kylie Jenner’s.

The collection is going to bestow us with mesmerizing eyeshadows that will make us vow about emptying our bank accounts. Come what may but there is nothing that will stand between the two gorgeous eyeshadow palettes and us except, of course, a couple of days to November 22 when the two will be up for grabs on Kylie Cosmetics‘ website.

Initially, Jenner piqued out interests with a purple smoky eye glimpse on her Instagram account. The attention-grabbing post has proceeded with snaps of the two palettes on Kyler’s snapchat. The best part is the name rightfully attributed to these eyeshadow palettes. One of these is called, ‘Nice’ and the other is named ‘Naughty.’

Both of the Nice and Naughty eyeshadow palettes carry fourteen fascinating shades. You can wear any shadow from any of the two palettes depending on the mood you’re swinging in.  The palettes carry richly pigmented shades that will help you to create looks that ring with tunes of perfection. All individual hues hold either a light glow or a clear shimmery finish.


Eye shadow in the Naughty palette include Ho Ho Ho (red sparkles), Glazed (yellow-gold sparkles), Snowball (a creamy white), Jingle (champagne sparkles), Unwrap Me (crimson), Snowflake (silver sparkles), Emerald (the hue that that the name suggests), Merry Mint (pastel green), Xmas Kiss (burnt orange), St. Nick (hot red), Hot Toddy (sparky chocolate brown), Tipsy (cool taupe), Coal (smoky gray), and Mischief (gray sparkles).


Hues to choose from in the Nice eyeshadow palette are: Hot Cider (matte chocolate), Jack Frost (sparkly white), Santa Baby (brown-taupe), Macaroon (dusty pink), Gumdrop (sparkly bronze), Holly (warm orange-red), Ginger Snap (ginger), Blizzard (frosted eggplant), Wonderland (burgundy), Mulberry (red wine), Miracle (peachy nude), Slay (a more golden version of Glazed from the Naughty palette), Lullaby (orange-nude), and Drummer Boy (auburn sparkles).

Last year’s holiday prices for Kylie Cosmetics ranged between $13 – $290 so we can be expecting the same price tags this year too. But ladies, hold the horses, as Jenner has noted that there is more to come in December. Jenner has announced that she will be raising the curtain over an entirely new collection by Kylie Cosmetics!