Rumors that Kylie Jenner is preggers with her second baby with bae Travis Scott have been circulating for a while now. Back in February people assumed that Jenner was indicating fans that she was pregnant with a son when she posted an image of her nails painted pink and blue. She also shared clips of Stormi getting cuddly with her and expressed how her little girl was too clingy which led some traditionalists to think that the 21-year-old had a bun in her oven.

Now once again, the rumors have been fueled as can be seen in the comments’ section of one of Kylie’s Instagram posts. At the Met Gala, the makeup mogul looked purple feathery gorgeousness in a Versace gown. Sister Kendall also wore a similar gown complete with feathers in orange. Of course, the beauty deserved not one but many spots on her own Instagram page. In one of the photos she shared, the Kylie Cosmetics founder is with her man, Travis Scott.

Now this can be her angle or just a bad fit, but people think her body looks out of shape. With a slight bulge in the abdominal area, which can just be some food stuffing, people have been led to think that the youngest of the Kar-Jenner clan is expecting. One fan’s comment on the post reads, “Is that a baby bump right there ????”

Another person thought it would be a good idea to chide the businesswoman, “Kylie there are rumors and all your doing is making it worse you look very very pregnant.” “Pregnant again maybe?? Looking beautiful,” typed yet another commenter. Well, you may think that Jenner is pregnant, but we won’t really know until she clarifies the matter herself.

But before running to any conclusions, everyone needs to take a peak at her other pictures from the night. There’s even a video of her with Kendall which shows that her tummy is all flat and there is no baby bump at all. In fact, Kylie’s waist is pretty small as it always has been. So maybe people need to stop with the rumors? Even though a source had revealed to People that Jenner and Scott will be bringing another munchkin to the world “sooner rather than later.”