While Jordyn Woods and Kylie Jenner’s friendship hasn’t broken to an unrepairable extent after the Tristan Thompson controversy, it’s clear that these two women will never share the same bond that they had before the awful news was revealed ever again.

Jenner is already changing the way she handles friendship and making sure that she doesn’t make the same mistake twice. There was a time when the only pal Jenner had was Woods. She’d even mentioned that they were like “family” and fans know this to be true as these two women even lived and vacationed together.

Now, the 21-year-old makeup mogul doesn’t want to place all her eggs in one basket which is why she’s expanding her friend circle. “She has been socializing more and trying to find a bigger circle of friends that she can be close with,” a source told People. “After the Jordyn drama, she realized that relying on just one friend is not the best idea.”

Let’s not all forget that it was Woods who received the news of Kylie’s pregnancy before anyone else did and she kept the secret better than anyone in the public eye ever could. The strong relationship of the girls was flushed down the drain when Tristan Thompson, Khloe Kardashian’s now ex-BF and baby daddy, jumped into the picture and kissed Jordyn Wood’s on her lips at a house party.

As per what the model herself revealed on Red Table Talks, the kiss was not initiated, attracted or enjoyed by her. In fact, her only mistake was that she shouldn’t have been there at that time. Her second mistake was that she didn’t let Khloe Kardashian know what had happened immediately.

Why? Because she didn’t want to hurt her already broken heart. As soon as Jordyn told the world about her side of the story, people started feeling sympathy toward her. So much so that they even commented on Kylie Jenner’s Instagram that she should be there for her best friend in this hard time.

Instead, Kylie had cut off ties with Jordyn, insulted her by selling the Jordyn lipstick of her cosmetics line at half price, and pushed Woods out of her guest house, the place the model once called home. Following Jordyn Woods’ talk with Jada Pinkett Smith, Kylie still didn’t send a public message of I-still-adore-you to former best friend.

However, some sources say that these two girls are still in touch somewhat. Though the Kardashian clan has emotionally and financially cut Jordyn off, they’re not restraining or controlling Kylie regarding whether or not she should let Jordyn back in.

A source previously told People mag, “It’s still a tricky situation for Kylie. And no one is actually putting too much pressure on her.” The insider further added, “Her family is aware that she is in contact with Jordyn. They are letting Kylie figure things out for herself.”