People can be very rude and racist even in this day and age. Since the birth of Kylie Jenner’s daughter Stormi Webster the baby has been a topic of discussion. While many can’t stop gushing over her cute cheeks there are also a whole lot of people who are being vehemently negative.

In just a few days after Stormi’s birth earlier this year, netizens started chanting that she wasn’t Travis’s daughter. They were of the view that Kylie’s baby girl was her and Tyga’s baby not Travis Scott’s. After these rumors were rejected, another new and entirely bullocks theory gained attention.

A part of the audience thinks that Tim Chung, Kylie’s model bodyguard, is Stormi’s father. The Kardashians, Jenners, and Travis’s family ignored the stories at first. But it kept going too far, crossing the line. People wouldn’t stop comparing Stormi’s facial features to Tim’s!

They have expressed that the three-month-old resembled Tim by pointing out non-existent similarities. Eventually Tim Chung took to Instagram to release a statement. In his post he wrote, “I am a very private person and would normally never answer to gossip and stories that are so ridiculous that they are laughable.”


“Out of deep respect for Kylie, Travis, their daughter together and their families, I would like to set the record straight that my interactions with Kylie and her family have been limited in strictly a professional capacity only,” he further added. He then wrote, “There is no story here and I ask that the media no longer include me in any narrative that is incredibly disrespectful to their family.”

Then recently Kylie also clapped back at the rumors. She shared a picture of hers and Travis’s on social media which was from the Met Gala event that happened earlier this month. The photo was captioned, “Stormi’s parents.” Quite a subtle manner of clapping back at all those rumors.