Keeping away from social media can be like staying away from ice-cream; almost impossible. However, Kylie Jenner did the improbable and was not very public with her activities since September 2017 when rumors of her pregnancy started breaking out like a bad sweat after a long run. The socialite was off the internet, but it wasn’t her who’s life turned dark but the lives of her fans.

The 20-year-old had good reason to stay away though, she wanted to keep her pregnancy free of stress. That said, she made her comeback with a bang on Super Bowl Sunday. This weekend when she announced the birth of her baby girl with Travis Scott fans were thrilled! The beauty mogul’s fans are full of hopes that she would no more close her virtual doors to them.

And from what the latest report about her says, she also wants to return to normal life. Hopefully, a life that includes fitness, dates, public roaming, no more hiding from the camera, and social media. A source that claims to be closely related to Kylie revealed this news to People magazine. This unknown person told People Magazine that the reality TV star is “looking forward to being out and about more.”

The source further added, “For now, she wants to rest and bond with her baby. But she is also excited about eventually getting back in shape and going on dates with Travis. She says that she is ready to return to a more normal life.” Well, is not that good news for fans of the diva!

The Kylie Cosmetics’ founder does seem to be all set to return to her pre-pregnancy with the addition of her little bundle of joy. She shared her pregnancy experience with a 12-min documentary on YouTube. After that, family and friends also shared shots with her. Sooo Kylie.