Kylie Jenner doesn’t need Jordyn Woods to enjoy extravagant vacations, she’s got her man Travis Scott for that. The youngest member of the Kardashian-Jenner sisters is all set to leave for another vacation, this time with her rapper boyfriend as soon as he wraps up his Astroworld tour, according to TMZ’s latest update on their relationship.

This news comes among reports that reveal a rift between the couple; it is said that Jenner is facing a trust deficit with regards to her baby daddy. The 21-year-old reportedly found some evidence on her man’s phone that upset her and proved that he’d been cheating on her.

However, when questioned, Travis Scott entirely denied that he cheated. To make up to his billionaire girlfriend, he’s leaving flirty comments on her Instagram, he even wore a shirt with her face on it, cancelled a concert for her, and then gave her a surprise visit in the middle of the night.

As per a source, “Travis is really making an effort. He wants Kylie to be happy. He wants her to know that he very much cares about their family.” Jenner, on the other hand, believes that time spent with her beau is great but when he’s not around, it can get difficult.

It’s clear that love is there between them. What’s lacking is time which is exactly why Travis Scott wants to go on a vacation with his lady, and daughter Stormi Webster. To indicate that yes, a vacation was coming up for the family, Jenner posted a throwback vacay picture of hers in which she’s seen holding Stormi. Literally, the cutest girls ever!

Do you think Kylie and Travis will get past this bump in their relationship and continue living lovingly together? Or do you think their relationship is about to come to its end soon?