Kylie Jenner has more in store. The reality TV show diva rose to further fame when she launched her liquid lip kits two years back. She just announced on her Instagram that she would be blessing fans with 20 new lipstick shades that are to drop on December 13. Today she took to Instagram to post a mini video showcasing the latest products to join her cosmetics fam.

This new line is called Silver Series and from the looks of it, the shades are stunning! “I have a lot more surprises for you guys! 3 brand new products launching Dec 13. 20 brand new lipsticks, highly pigmented and hydrating with a creamy satin finish,” read the caption of the video. So, there wouldn’t just be 20 absolutely lovely shades releasing but two other mystery products as well.

The lipsticks will come in silver tubes with KYLIE carved on their bullets. After Kylie announced this on her Insta, her brand, Kylie Cosmetics’ Instagram page posted a series of shots and mini videos giving fans a clear view of some of the shades. The introduced shades include Pomegranate, Amore, Madeleine, Crush, Puppy Love, Truffle, Tarte, Dulce De Leche, Butterscotch, Creme Brulee, Angel Cake, Raspberry Charlotte, Lovesick, Mont Blanc, Passion, Infatuation, Chocolate Souffle, Trouble Maker, Red Hot, and Sherbet.


“Our new exclusive formula glides evenly onto the lips leaving them soft and full of color! Pick your perfect shades.” All the shades look as rich, captivating, and smooth as promised and we’re sure you can’t wait to get your hands on them. Kylie hasn’t hinted as to when she would be unveiling the two surprises.

The 20-year-old’s last lip products had shaken the cosmetics’ world with how unique and classy they were. Her latest products don’t seem to offer anything entirely new, but time will tell whether these lipsticks will stand out from the crowd or not. We’re just happy that these shades come out before New Year’s Eve.