All across the world, people have to deal with social distancing currently, owing to the Corona Virus pandemic. Following the pandemic, a lot of students have gotten their graduation ceremonies canceled. Now, think about it. Hundreds of students, all across the world, who studied for four long years will not be able to attend their graduation ceremonies.

All the high school students are not going to ever have their graduation ceremonies unless their institutions manage to have them rescheduled. The class of 2020 is supposed to have a ‘virtual graduation ceremony’ all across the world.

The sweet gesture by Obama:

Most recently, the former President of the United States of America, Barak Obama, delivered some graduates of 2020 his message through an online video system. For that matter, he opted for various Facebook groups and made sure that as many students are able to view the video as possible.

Krispy Kreme and its amazing idea:

At the same time, the company Krispy Kreme has also come up with its ways to make the graduates feel better. The company has been giving away free doughnuts to high school graduates. The offer says that any high school graduate, who has not been able to attend the graduation ceremony, will be served a dozen doughnuts, free of cost.

Free doughnuts for the graduates:

YES, you read that right. Since May 19, the company has started offering all the students, dressed in a graduation gown and top, free doughnuts. However, in order to be eligible for this offer, the students MUST belong to the class of 2020. At the same time, the students do not have to purchase anything from the outlet. They can claim the free doughnuts without making any transaction, whatsoever.

Making the graduates feel better:

While talking about the offer, the Chief Marketing Officer of the company, Dave Skena said that they feel really bad for all the college seniors who have not been able to attend their graduation ceremonies. He also said that the company wishes that these students would have attended the graduation ceremony. However, to make things better for them, they offer a safer way for these students to feel better. Free doughnuts are sure to cheer them up.

What is a part of this graduation box?

If you are curious that what is a part of the ‘Graduate Dozen’, you would be surprised to know that it has sprinkled chocolate ice, along with sprinkled strawberry iced doughnuts. With them, there is a variety of cookies, that are sure to make the Class of 2020 graduates feel better about their ceremonies getting canceled.