June 28, 2022

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Konami announced that eFootball 2022 will be released on April 14th

The Was contacted It starts with a new apology from Konami that after two years of growth, it is not enough for the poor quality of the product that was introduced last September. “Since then, the development team has worked hard to regain the trust of our beloved community, but with the aim of making football as enjoyable as possible for fans around the world.“, Read on.

By moving up to 1.0, Konami now believes that its game has the qualities needed to be appreciated by a large number of people. It adds new controls and components (attack and defense) as well as game balance adjustment and bug fixing, all based on polls and other player feedback on the networks.

Of course, eFootball 2022 Designed as a game that develops over months from the start, it is the reason for the transition to a free-to-play economic model. So do not imagine that the so-called official release and updates will be stopped. Before you let the list swallow up News and improvements, Konami is still working on the mobile version of the game, but its release will take place later. Everything is in its time, it is not.

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Updates and new features of v1.0.0

Changes in security commands and adding “request compression”

In all your comments, many have mentioned self-defense. Many mentioned the difficulty in defending and retrieving the ball. After reviewing the priority sequence of security-related actions, we decided to change the default key settings to make security more intuitive. Pressure controls available in previous versions will also be brought back into the game. In addition, we have added a new control called “Shoulder Contact”, which allows you to quickly retrieve your belongings.

  • Pressing: Grab possession by putting pressure on the opposing ball carrier.
  • Includes: Press on the opposite tripler with less open posture and shorter improvements. Also effective in blocking passes or shots.
  • Shoulder contact: Push the opponent’s shoulder to retrieve the ball. This is especially useful if the opponent picks up the ball from his foot or tries to make a drop shot.
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In addition to personal safety, we have also re-evaluated elements of team security. The “Request Press” command is also included in the game. In addition to sending many players to the ball, other teammates will work collaboratively to recover possessions by blocking pass paths and advancing defensive lines. .

With these functional additions and changes we have made a number of changes to other security-critical in-game components to give you a more responsive and intuitive experience when the time comes to defend.

Upgrades and passes the new “Power Pass” command

In addition to the defense, we also received a lot of passing comments. Many of you have commented on the slow passing and the high number of passing errors. That’s why we’ve made improvements that focus on game balance and order satisfaction.

In general, we have increased the passing speed to match the speed of the matches with the defensive improvements described above. In addition, we have integrated a mechanism that uses the ball’s rebound as an acceleration key. This can be very useful in a touch passing, for example, this mechanism will increase the speed of the ball. This is how we get the “rhythm passing game”, an essential part of modern football.

With regard to passing errors, we concluded that they were caused by the actions of the passer and receiver, both during and after the pass was played. We have therefore incorporated the following amendments:

  • Go through target end improvements
  • Improvements in AI decision making when receiving passes
  • Movement improvements when receiving passes
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Following these corrections, the reproduction of abnormal passing errors is greatly reduced.

To make the passing game more enjoyable, we have also added a new tool called the “Power Pass” command, which allows you to hit the ball on various special paths. With these controls, you can set the pace of the attack and slip in more aids.

More shot paths for more satisfaction

In terms of visuals, we’ve made two improvements:

  • Shot speed was improved by prioritizing realism and satisfaction
  • Views adjusted to the target ratio to accurately reflect competitive situations

In addition, we have included in the game a variety of shots and tracks for each situation, such as “Power Shot”. All of these should allow you to experience a lot of realistic situations in front of the goal.

Strategic evolution through enhanced tripping features

To improve your triple maneuverability and give you a more rewarding experience when fighting with realistic actions, we have made the following changes:

  • Improved ball tracking accuracy and response to left analog stick inputs
  • Improved response to sprint actions included

Other functional improvements have been made with the new “abrupt change” command, including improved reaction and ball behavior, as well as making duplicate actions easier to understand. We hope these improvements will help you to create a more interesting experience in combat situations against opposing defenders.

Improved online connection

To improve online connectivity stability and reduce the number of canceled contests, we have decided to follow the client-server system from this new Opus. In the same vein, we are constantly looking to improve the response time of online competitions. To ensure you have the best football experience, we will constantly monitor the situation after the update and make any necessary improvements.

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Additional features for the game plan

To restore some popular features and fix some issues, we have incorporated the following changes and additional features into the game program:

  • Additional features such as “Create change”, “Personal algorithms”, “Automated settings”, “Secondary strategies”, “Data management” were added.
  • Improved loading handling for better reaction