There are still two more months of wait, two more months of missing The Originals before it hits screens. The CW show will be seeing its last season this year, giving fans all those feels for one last time. While we know that Caroline would be coming back to the storyline and reuniting with Klaus and that the future of Elijah and Hayley is more on the uncertain side.

But what about Kolvina? The fan-favorite couple has some news surrounding it too. Before the curtains were closed on season 4, we saw that Kol (played by Nate Buzolic) had bought an engagement ring for the witch Davina (played by Danielle Campbell) so pretty unsurprisingly their relationship is one step further after the time jump.

According to TV Guide, Kol and Davina would be married in the next season! (Couldn’t be happier!) Though, there might be some disruption on the road for the lovebirds as Kol would be sucked into the usual Mikaelson family drama. Naturally, Kol would also have some grievances against his family as they were the reason he lost Davina in the first place.

Though we’ll surely be seeing a lot of Nate Buzolic in the upcoming season, nothing can be said about whether we’d catch a glimpse of Danielle Campbell. No photos of hers on the set of TO have emerged so far and the shooting is complete. As for Marcel (Charles Michael Davis) and Rebekah (Claire Holt), these two might have shared a kiss in the previous season but New Orleans will always be between them.

The final season of The Originals will air on April 20. We’re really excited and hoping against all odds that we get a good dose of Kolvina. And that by the end of season, Rebekah and Marcel also find their happily ever after. Together. Fingers crossed!