The latest movie of Akshay Kumar that got at OTT release two days back has had its own set of controversies. The most prominent one is the backlash it got for writing the word ‘Bomb’ with the name ‘Laxamii’. A lot of people bashed it, and eventually, the makers had to remove ‘Bomb’ from the name of this movie.

Even though the trailer got a lot of attention from the audience, we can’t say the same for the movie. After its release, people didn’t really like the stereotypical logic propagated by it.

Here are some of the reviews by people who posted them on Twitter.

Well, I feel sorry for this guy.

She advises choosing sleep over watching this movie.

Okay then!!!!!

Seems like Sharad Kelker is the star of this movie.

This fan seems really disappointed.

Lol, so it seems like there is way too much over-acting in the movie!