Reports say that KJ Apa has replaced Kian Lawley in the upcoming movie version of the novel “The Hate You Give.” Deadline has confirmed the casting change. In February, Kian was fired when a video of him making racist comments came back from the past to haunt him.

That said, this is not the first time the Riverdale star will be making his way to the big screen. KJ Apa was seen in A Dog’s Purpose last year playing the character of young Ethan. He also has another romantic comedy in the production tunnel.

In The Hate You Give the actor will be taking up the role of Chris starring opposite Amandla Stenberg, who will be playing the lead heroine Starr Carter. Buzzfeed pinpointed that these two actors are being seen a lot in each other’s Instagram stories lately. Whereas KJ has had his Archie Andrews red hair painted black.

Kian who is a YouTube personality and an emerging actor had apologized for the comments he had made in the video and had also said, “It would not be appropriate for me to be involved considering the actions of my past.” Since the movie resonates with the Black Lives Matter movement, Kian’s mistake of racism costed him the role.

The plot revolves around this topic. The novel by Angie Thomas was one of 2017’s biggest hits and was immediately taken up for being created into a film. Also, this is not the first time, Amandla will be playing the lead role. In another novel adapted movie, called Everything Everything, she was seen playing the main role.

While talking about the need for black girls taking up lead roles in an interview for Everytthing Everything, Amandla had said, “I think it’s important we have that representation as well as just have a story featuring a black girl as the lead.” Fans are very excited for The Hate You Give as it will be a great contribution to the movement.