Perfumes are must items on our dressers, the ones that have us romantically twirling around the room or all set ready for any destination to head to. So when Kim K set her eyes on perfumes as her next target, we knew that she’d be rocking the realm. And let’s hit it, she did it!

The Kardashian entrepreneurial zone knows how to rack up green bills in just a day. The latest tale is that Kim K’s perfume that launched just last week hit the 10-million-dollar mark in sales in just a day. The opening lines narrate the KKW sold perfumes worth $1 million in just 1 hour from the launch.

But that comes as no surprise to us as the Kardashian clan knows how to make money within a day or two of their product’s launch. What is mildly exciting is the launch of a perfume, a product that is entirely different from what we have buying and observing so far.

Kim Kardashian decided to zip into a new territory and she has to offer us three different fragrances namely Crystal Gardenia, Crystal Gardenia Citrus, and Crystal Gardenia Oud. The crystal inspired perfume bottles are available for $60 in the 75 ml size. The other two fragrances, Crystal Gardenia and Crystal Gardenia Citrus, are also up for grabs for $35 in a 30 mL bottle.

Crystal Gardenia

This fragrance from Kim K is inspired by her signature scent. As its name suggests, this fragrance is heavily inspired by gardenia with a hint of water lily. She shared about it, “I noticed that all of my sisters always revert back to my signature [namesake] fragrance, which is heavily white floral, so when I was making this fragrance, I knew that I wanted it to be heavily gardenia with white florals again.”

Not only did Kim’s name inspired her but some of her beautiful memories also had a significant part to play. “It’s my Dad’s favorite flower, and it reminds me of when he’d take us to Hawaii — of that time in my life,” added KKW.

Crystal Gardenia Citrus

This second scent is inspired by floral fragrances that are spiced up a bit with scents of Bajes rose, orange oil, jasmine, as well as lemon oil. It’s inclined more towards a zesty and fresh scent.

Crystal Gardenia Oud

This final fragrance is sourced from the Middle Eastern culture. Kardashian West explained her inspiration as, “I love the culture, and you smell oud in everyone’s homes there. My Middle Eastern friends, like my makeup artist Hrush, wear it all the time.”

Ouds are quality fragrances that are derived from fragrant resins, which are obtained from a tropical agar tree when it is infected with a particular kind of mold. Although this might not sound very pleasing but the end is a strong fragrance that you will love to add your perfume list for sure. Apart from the rich oud scent, Kim’s Crystal Gardenia Oud also contains lavender and bergamot so that you have a musky scent at your dresser.

The Kardashian fragrances come in three scents for you to select the one that you like the most. So have you selected yours already?