Fans are so proud of Kim Kardashian. Because this woman really knows how to shut haters up. She does not back off, she always fires back. And that also, with sass.

The diva recently was criticized on Twitter by a fan, but she wasn’t up for any rude comments. When a fan questioned her how she felt when she found Kylie Jenner was pregnant, she replied with a simple “I was so happy knowing I was having a baby too.”

By this, the 37-year-old obviously meant that she was excited to know that both the sisters were having a child at the same time. But one person thought that Kim was trying to get attention. “You always find ways to make things about yourself,” wrote a commenter.


To this, Kim K replied, “Always! Consistency is key.” Well, that was a funny and savage way to deal with the situation. In response, some fans stuck by her side while other stressed how she was talking about herself when the matter was about Kylie.

“She means cause they’d be close in age ..” clarified a fan. While another person said, “Well why not say ‘I’m excited that our daughters will be close to age’ but yet she makes it all about her every time.” Yet others simply celebrated Kim’s clapback. One twitterer wrote, “Kim is the greatest SAVAGE ever.”

Another person said, “LMFAAAOOO Kim Kardashian did not carry her family in to being multimillionaires for her to talk about them.” Kim’s youngest daughter, Chicago West, is a month older than Stormi Webster, Kylie Jenner’s tot. Kim and husband Kanye West welcomed their child via a surrogate.

Kylie, on the other hand, hid her pregnancy all along. She brought her daughter to the world in February. While talking about Kylie’s private pregnancy, Kim said that the 21-year-old’s friends deserve awards for keeping it between them.