Perhaps more than the marketing tactics, the one thing that contributes a major chunk to the Kardashian-Jenner success is the unity of these sisters. They partner with each other only and hang out together. They don’t even need anyone but each other. They never yank each other down; in fact, they are constantly pulling one another up the ladder.

And like always, each one of them is there to admire the other for her hard work, and dedication. Khloe, Kourtney, Kim, Kylie, and Kendall – these women know that no force is greater than love. That said, when Kylie Jenner, the youngest of the lot, made headlines for her unbeatable success some people questioned whether elder sister Kim Kardashian was jealous.

But nah! The 37-year-old was nothing but all praise for her baby sis who says that Kim is her “inspiration.” Even when the world turned against the 20-year-old makeup mogul, saying that she was not self-made as described by Forbes, the Kimoji founder came forward to defend her younger version.

You see, Kylie Jenner is all set to take away the title of America’s youngest self-made billionaire in history, according to Forbes. When this news came out last month, some people were not happy for Jenner. Stormi’s mum was bashed for being called self-made. People were of the view that Jenner had the help, she had the money and everything else was done by her employees.

In a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight, Kim Kardashian said about this, “It’s not like that was handed to her. She figured that all out. I mean, we all have.” Mrs. Kanye West went ahead and explained how Kylie had started her makeup empire. “She made her own money for over a decade, she put it in the bank, she saved every nickel,” added the reality TV show star.

Kylie’s mother, Kris Jenner, who is often referred to as the brain behind the family, also praised her children for their success. “I’m proud of all of my kids because they really have an amazing work ethic and they roll their sleeves up and really do what they love to do so that makes me really happy.”

It’s not only social success on which these Kar-Jenner women clap for each other. In fact, just on this Sunday these ladies were seen celebrating each other for yet another reason. On July 29, Kim, Kendall and Khloe attended the City of Hope poker tournament.

There, Kendall and Khloe gushed over Kim’s slim physique. “I’ve never seen a human being look as good as you — you are a walking Facetune doll,” said Khloe Kardashian. Kendall added, “Listen to me. My purse is as tiny as you.” The sisters went on to talk about how Kim worked hard to get those ‘pin-thin’ arms and looked stunning.