Should Naomi Campbell’s fans even question why Kim Kardashian is copying her looks? Honestly, she is a model and if anyone copies her looks, they should take it as praise. The makeup mogul is a hit among her followers and she’s clearly impressed enough to be copying the 48-year-old model’s style. And guess what? Now KKW has also admitted that her looks have been inspired by Campbell.

The entire deal started when Kim was spotted, at multiple occasions, channeling Naomi Campbell. The makeup and fragrance entrepreneur was not the only one from the Kar-Jenner clan to copy Naomi’s looks. Her younger sister, Kylie Jenner, who is known for imitating her style, also rocked looks which were first rocked by Naomi Campbell on the runway back in the 90’s.

Every time the KKW Beauty founder and the Kylie Cosmetics head copied Naomi’s catwalk looks, Naomi took to Instagram to share a blast from the past showing that she was the one who first showed these looks off. Of course, she was hinting that she was noticing what Kim and Kylie were doing along bringing it to the audience’s notice.

However, it wasn’t until recently that fans called Kim Kardashian out for entirely copying Naomi’s style. A few weeks back, Kim K was seen at Chance The Rapper’s wedding clad in a vintage Versace dress that Naomi Campbell had first worn on the ramp. Even her hairstyle, kinky crinkled hair in a high ponytail were one-to-one copied from Naomi’s look.

Some people bashed Kim for stealing Naomi’s style without credit while others talked sense that since Naomi is a model, of course Kim’s looks can be inspired by her. Now Kim has finally addressed this controversy by posting pictures of herself in the vintage Versace dress with the caption, “Naomi Forever 💛💫”

The social media star even tagged Naomi in the picture to give her due credit. Thanks, now can we close this case please?