People who are die hard fans of ‘Keeping Up With Kardashian’ know that this show is addictive. It started a decade ago, and has still kept its viewership quite strong. The viewers have their own favorites, and each of these members are full of drama. The latest one in the news, after Kylie and her feud with Forbes about her net worth is our very own Kim Kardashian. Kim has been in a happy relation with her husband, Kanye West, but seems like there is some trouble in the paradise. Therefore, she has decided to move out from her current house and live in her other house for some time.

Trouble in the paradise: 

If the reports are to be believed, there is some trouble brewing between the two, as they have been spending quite a lot of time together these days. Owing to the global pandemic, most of the people are stuck at home, and have to spend time with their family members. The controlling nature of Kanye has started causing a lot of issues for Kim, and she is not able to live with him anymore. The reports also say that currently, both the people are living at the opposite ends of their house. They are doing this in order to ensure that things remain civil between the two.

Kim wont opt for a divorce:

The corona virus lock-down has surely brought out the worst in everyone. A lot of couples who used to go to their regular work not spend a lot of time together, which has made their lives miserable. The OK! magazine says that the same thing is happening with Kim and Kanye as well. However, as Kim is in a happy marriage, she would not opt for a divorce. She would make sure that she remains in a relationship with her husband, even if she has to make a lot of efforts for that.

The couple’s history:

Kim, the 39 years old reality TV start, married Kanye six years ago. Last month, they both celebrated their wedding anniversary, but now have decided to spend some time apart. They will do this by Kim and some of her kids shifting to another house that the couple owns. This will happen till the time the government lifts the corona virus lock down. The celebs hope that this decision will help them in mending their relationship, and bringing it back to its old spirit.

Kim: the only married sister:

Recently, Kanye was named as one of the riches celebs in the World by a report. Both these people together are considered as a power couple, and people will surely not want to see them splitting up. Kim is also the only married sister left in the Kardashian-Jenner family. All others have either taken divorces from their husbands or are yet unmarried.