The first bad news of 2021 is here, and it is breaking our hearts!

It has now been confirmed that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have decided to split and separate their ways forever.

Though the couple has not opted to go for filing the divorce yet, but they are already separated.

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When did the crack come?

Its been quite some time since the reports of the couple having trouble in the paradise have been around. However, the KUWK season never really showed that the couple might head for divorce anytime soon. For a very long time, people had been speculating that the property issues have been there to make the couple head towards different paths.

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The reason for the split:

The immediate reason for split is being considered to be the house the couple is living with his family. The house is worth 40 million dollars. This value has recently increased when the couple gave an amount of additional 20 million dollars for the renovation.

The Calabasas house that is the place where the couple is currently residing is what Kim wants to have transferred to her name now. Even though she owns a lot of property around that area, this house is still in the name of Kanye.

Kim seems to be quite close to this house owing to the fact that her kids are growing up in the house and holds a lot of importance for her.

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Kanye’s Mental Health Issues:

All the fans of Kanye and Kim are aware of the fact that Kanye has some real mental health issues and Kim has been dealing with them quite well.

However, seems like now these issues have been accelerated and she can’t manage her relationship with Kanye anymore.

Kathy Griffin, a really good friends of Kris Jenner, took Twitter to give her two cents about the issue.

She said that Kim has tried everything to make this relationship work but failed, eventually.

Nevertheless, whatever the solution holds for both of them, we wish them all the best!