Oh, Kim? Why do you keep doing this? Kim Kardashian is under fire again. This time again for the same reason. On her website she posted an article called ‘How I maximize fat loss.’ The content can only be viewed by paying-subscribers. It talks about Kim’s weekly cardio workouts.

However, the audience is furious. This comes right after Kim sharing a picture on Instagram sucking a red lollipop and promoting appetite suppressant lollipops. The action had made Jameela Jamil furious who called Kim “a terrible and toxic influence.”

People have been pointing out how Kim K keeps promoting the need to be fit and slim. Some are even of the view that she shouldn’t promote exercise considering she has used injections and surgeries to get the physique she proudly showoffs.


Jamil took to Twitter to retweet Kardashian’s post with the caption, “How do we minimize this woman’s bullshit? When will she just love herself and stop obsessing about how to “fix” problems that were never there? She was always beautiful. She’s never seen it because she is broken by the SAME society that she now contributes more toxicity to.”


The 34-year-old actress also shared a series of other tweets that stamped on the importance of body positivity. And also, another post about how the entire Kardashian Klan makes her “feel sad.” Fans are of the view that since Kim is an influencer and a lot of young girls look up to her, she should promote the concept of feeling comfortable in one’s own skin instead.

The British actress has always been a promoter of body positivity. In the beginning of this year, she started an account called ‘I weight’ which is dedicated to the cause. Nutritionist Rhiannon Lambert told The Independent, “It’s really irresponsible for such influential celebrities to use their status to encourage unhealthy relationships with food and exercise.”