Kim K has always been the center of controversy. The reality TV show star is in the news round the clock. But recently, twice in a row she has been body-shamed by the audience! Looks like Kim Kardashian gets to taste everything in extreme amounts. While fans are ardent lovers of her makeup products and her fragrances, they also seem to be haters when it comes to her looks.

The star, who is actually totally gorgeous, is time and again ridiculed for the silliest of reasons. The most recent of it? People think that she’s photoshopped her nose in a throwback picture. The 37-year-old shared an old shot of hers standing with late father Robert Kardashian Sr., sister Kourtney Kardashian, and brother Robert Kardashian Jr.

The caption read, “1999.” As soon as she posted the picture, social media avengers came forward to bash her! If you look too closely, there’s a blurry area around her nose. While her nose looks exactly like we’re used to seeing it, some think that she tried to make it appear thinner and used photoshop which has resulted in the slight blur.

Others think that she would have scanned the picture which happens to mess the quality of photos up by a bit. But really, why are people even zooming in on her nose? That’s a very obsessed thing to do! The star has not reacted on this matter yet. Surely, she’s currently got a lot on her plate already with Kanye West acting weird and all.

One person wrote on Twitter, “Lmao she Photoshopped her nose. If you zoom in on her nose the pixels are blurry.” While another person said, “Look sweetie. I am not opposed to a good facetuning HOWEVER, you can’t facetune your family photos sis that’s just not right.” Some people went so far as to accuse her of plastic surgery although she has clearly said in the past that while she does use Botox, plastic surgery is not her thing.

In an interview with Harper’s Bazaar back in 2012, Kim had said, “Everyone always thinks I’ve had my nose done or my lips done or just anything to my face like besides Botox, which to me isn’t plastic surgery.” She further added, “It’s so funny, it just depends on how your nose is contoured.”

However, a herd of Kim fans also defended her. “So what if she did photoshop. All u guy care about if she photoshop and why would u zoom in her nose it’s weird. Just leave her alone and stop picking out the like details x.” Exactly!

Only a few days back, people were criticizing Kim K’s toe, saying that it looked like a popcorn kernel and that it was not clean with most of it yellow. Kim didn’t directly respond to that but posted a closeup showing perfectly pedicured feet with the nails polished and colored to a neon yellow. A subtle way to tell people that what they were zooming in on was nail polish not fungus.