Uh, is there something wrong with Khloe Kardashian’s lips? Did a bug bite her or is it just a fresh lip injection that is making her lips look odd?

Hey, wait, we aren’t asking these questions – the internet is. Last week when Khloe shared a duck face selfie on Instagram that showed off her plump lips, people slammed her bad. “Not loving these lips what so ever,” commented a fan on Khloe’s new look while another said, “Stop the injection plssssss.”

A lot of people also commented that she needs to stop with the filters too. “Pretty but you look prettier without all these filters,” typed a fan. However, Khloe didn’t take the haters seriously as can be reflected by her reply to a commenter who thought that even her eyes looked pulled back.

“Whatever you want to believe. I’m good with whatever babe much love sent your way,” responded the Good American founder. Kendall Jenner’s Snapchat stories from the past are proof that Khloe has used needles for that huge pout. But she’s not the only sister who has done so.

The 34-year-old’s younger sister, makeup mogul Kylie Jenner, also has a lot of work done to her face allegedly. While she hasn’t openly admitted most of the surgeries she is accused of getting, Jenner has been open about getting lip fillers because of her insecurities.

On Tuesday, however, Khloe K walked out of her house in Calabasas to fetch lunch with her little munchkin, True Thompson. She proudly showed off her duck lips which seemed a little more different than usual as can be seen by images clicked by Daily Mail.

The Revenge Body star looked every bit a fashionista with tight leggings on paired with a baggie hoodie. A red beanie was pulled on her sleek straight locks while a pair of big black shades covered her eyes. Clearly, Khloe Kardashian is enjoying her life to the fullest, without paying any attention to haters. At the end of the day, it’s up to her if she wants to get lip fillers.