Everyone is curious, and that curiosity is piqued when someone tries to ignore the question. Because when you are curious about something, it’s like you’re a kid eyeing a box of forbidden candies. The more your mum tells you to shush and rush away from them, the more you want to eat them in one sitting. It’s even worse when you can’t open the box.

Something similar is going on with Kylie Jenner’s fans. They are curious, and they want to know whether or not the rumors of her being pregnant have any truth to them. But being the sneaky cat that she is, Kylie has been entirely quiet about it. She’s actually gone underground and doesn’t seem to be in the mood to coming out of the mole hole anytime soon.

But that doesn’t stop interested people from questioning; from trying to find out at least something. Recently, her sister Khloe Kardashian visited The Ellen Show. There she was questioned about Kylie, but she didn’t spill any beans. The elder sister answered the question with a straightforward, “I don’t know, you got to ask Kylie. Why don’t you get Kylie on the show?!”

Ellen tried to get her to talk by sauntering around the fact that Kylie was missing from the Christmas card of the family. While quizzing her about her pregnancy, the host couldn’t resist and said, “So your sisters have played – Kim has played, Kendall has played, and Kourtney has played, and the pregnant sister, Kylie, has not,” said Ellen. “But when she’s here, she’s gonna play.”

Khloe dodged this sneaky trick without giving anything away and replied, “You’re cute.” However, DeGeneres made a funny post on Instagram a day ago telling people, “@KhloeKardashian and her baby bump are here tomorrow. @KylieJenner and her baby bump are watching from home.” No one knows if that was a classic Ellen DeGeneres funny joke or something along the lines of the truth.