If you are someone who loved to eat and KFC is your favorite go-to place whenever you crave for some junk food, there is a good news for you. KFC has taken the initiative of providing the memories bucket to the customers and they can now go to the venue, eat their favorite burger and take amazing pictures to home from the Bluetooth photo printer.


KFC that is one of the most famous as well as one of the most sought after and loved food places has taken this initiative by keeping in mind the love of the people for the pictures. The company has noticed that most of the customers that come to the venue prefer taking loads of pictures rather than dwelling into the amazing taste of the stuff provided to them to eat. This is the reason, KFC decided to provide them the opportunity to eat good food and take printed pictures with them to their homes at the same time.

  • The 3D images:

The company took this initiative in the fall of last year. When the heads decided to go for this new idea of photo booths, the marketing campaigns of the company changed altogether. People could see the keyboards as well as the mouse used by the staff having 3D images on them. The chicken bucket that you will get your chicken in will be having the pictures that you would love watching while stuffing yourself with it.


This campaign by KFC has become really famous worldwide all thanks to the social
media platforms. People love taking pictures of their chicken buckets having amazing images on them and posting them on facebook, twitter and instagram. This enhanced the level of excitement of the people and they decided to visit the place time and again to get their pictures printed instantly.

  • Celebrating the 60th birthday:

The idea of the memories bucket was brought into reality on the 60 th birthday of KFC when the company decided to come up with something new. This idea of the company has surely helped it in gaining momentum worldwide and the number of people visiting KFC has dramatically enhanced. However, one thing that might disappoint you a bit is the fact that the company is providing the memories bucket to some of the customers and not to all of them.

However, you should definitely go there and try your luck; you never know you might be the next one to get your pictures printed on the chicken bucket!