Spiderman: Far from Home may have left fans super giggly and overly-happy, but when Mysterio dropped the bomb that he was lying about there being a multiverse, several hearts shattered at once.

After all, diehard fans were excited when they heard the possibility of a multiverse in the trailer of the movie before it came out. And that hope being extinguished did leave them bummed. If there’s no multiverse, then how did Cap manage to live in the past?

If there’s no multiverse, then how will Loki come back for his Disney+ show? Hell, if there’s no multiverse, the possibility of X-men, Deadpool, and the Fantastic Four ever becoming part of the MCU will vanish.

But guess what? There is a multiverse. Kevin Feige has himself confirmed this. When Fandango questioned him about the scene where Mysterio said that his multiverse story was just a lie, the producer said that Mysterio was “full of shit.”

“I mean, in Doctor Strange, we hear the Ancient One talk about the multiverse, so we’ve already established it as a thing,” Feige further added. We’ll give you a moment to collect yourself and cry those tiny tears of bliss.

Now if you fly back to the Doctor Strange movie, you’ll find that, yes, a multiverse was talked about by the Ancient One. In one scene, explaining her powers, the Ancient One said that they were “drawn from other dimensions of the multiverse.”

In another scene, she appeared in Doctor Strange’s hallucination and said, “Who are you in this vast multiverse, Mr. Strange?” So there you have it!

There are endless possibilities as to how Marvel could use the Multiverse to bend cinema in its favor. After three of our favorite characters departed in Avengers: Endgame, this good news was much needed!