The keto diet has received a lot of buzz so much so that it has formed a fandom of its own. The high-fat, low-carb meal plan is applauded for its effective role in weight loss. However, lots of other matters also factor in. For instance, what are its effects on your brain, skin, and the overall health?

While the diet plan is given substantial credit, lots of people are suspicious as well. Some experts say that such an eating may instill unhealthy eating habits. At the same time, there are suggestions that a keto diet can birth acne and can also cause a skin rash.

Let’s dive into the implications of a keto diet on your skin:

What is a ketogenic diet?

First things first, let’s have a quick recap of what a keto diet is. As mentioned above, a keto diet is a high-fat, low carb meal plan. In other words, the dieter has to focus on consuming a high amount of healthy fats and chop his intake of carbohydrates.

The third major class of nutrients, proteins, is eaten in moderation to ensure that the body does not covert proteins into glucose. The aim is to cut the body’s supply of its primary fuel source, carbs, so that the metabolism shifts to burning fats for energy.

In doing so, not only do you rid the body of the harmful effects of eating excess carbs but burn fat, which helps lose weight.

What are some of the benefits of a keto diet learned so far?

The long-term health effects of a keto diet are not known so far. However, evidence confirms that the diet plan is helpful in the short run. It helps reduce your appetite, cuts your food cravings eventually, and improves blood sugar levels.

At the same time, the diet plan can help in regulating your blood pressure while extending help in managing diabetes type I and safeguarding from diabetes type II. The impact of a keto diet is not bad on the brain as well.

The brain is used to of using ketones for energy so research does not suggest that a keto diet may cause any cognitive harm. That said, you can read more about the health benefits of a ketogenic diet here and also learn about which health conditions can benefit from a keto diet.

What are the effects of a keto diet on the skin?

Here is an in-depth into the positive and negative ways that a keto diet can impact your skin:

1. It helps keep aging at bay

Mainly the effects of a keto diet on your skin depends on your skin type and the foods that you eat. Some of the common components of a keto diet are eggs, seafood, nuts, and leafy greens. These are beneficial for the skin.

This is because such food items provide omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants, and vitamins A and E that decline the impact of aging on your skin. Plus, they are sun protective.

2. It reduces inflammation

Limiting the amount of sugar taken as per this meal plan also means that you are working to reduce the consumption of one of the chief culprits behind inflammation. Therefore, for people who have an acne prone skin, the chances of breakouts go down with the decrease in inflammation caused due to eating sugar.

3. May cause skin rash

Experts say that an anti-inflammatory diet can cause a side effect termed as prurigo pigmentosa. This is commonly called as keto rash. This is explained as a rare type of inflammatory dermatosis. It often occurs in the early stages of ketosis.

4 May lead to acne breakout

In his quote with Insider, Board-certified dermatologist Dr. Debra Jaliman opines that a keto diet can up the odds of an acne breakout. He elaborates that the diet plan is high in fat, which increases sebum production. This, in turn, enhances the likelihood of acne.

There is also a chance of having an acne flare up due to eating dairy items as part of the diet. Studies indicate that there’s an association between diets that are high in dairy and an increase in sebum that causes acne. Details are unclear though as it is not certain whether the growth factors or the milk in the sugars is the culprit.

5. Maybe beneficial for acne

While there is say that a keto diet may culminate in acne (which depends on your skin type and what you eat though), there’s also good news. It is understood that a keto diet may be beneficial for acne.

This is because it encourages lower levels of insulin, which helps prevent or acne. It is important to note the high amounts of insulin and associated hormones tend to worsen acne.

Wrap up

Different experts have different opinions. However, the effects of a keto diet on your skin come down to what you are eating and your skin type. If you’re very concerned, then it’s ideal to consult with your dermatologist before starting the meal plan.