Kendall Jenner is not one to part from attention so of course on her birthday party Thursday, she stole the spotlight with her $10,000 knee-high boots. The 22-year-old literally sparkled in the YSL boots, that have ladies around the globe hooting in love. These bedazzled boots have been a favorite since they made their first appearance waltzing down the Saint Laurent AW17 runway.

Despite the boots being downright unaffordable, fashion fanatics have been pining for them. Kendall is not the first one to sport these disco boots; Rihanna and Celine Dion rocked a pair earlier this year. The young model kept her outfit balanced on her birthday dinner on the 3rd of November. She was spotted wearing a tiny, white crop top with ripped baggy jeans and huge hoop earrings.

The Fenty Beauty queen had also kept her ensemble simple when she had worn the YSL sparkle boots. She was seen in an oversized leather jacket and distressed denim, both the ladies giving us major style pointers; these scrunched down Niki Style Saint Laurent boots look perfect with casual attire.



Though Cardi B, who has also had the pleasure of wearing these Yves Saint Laurent shoes for her BET awards’ performance, paired them with a metallic body suit. Kendall also posted a picture of herself in these knockout boots, a shot captured of her walking to her birthday party. On October 7th she had also posted a video clip of the shimmering over-the-knee boots.

The dinner party which the birthday girl celebrated at the Petit Taqueria restaurant in Los Angeles was a private affair which was supposed to be the highlight, the pointy-toe boots stole the show. Not only did the boots have cameras flashing wildly at them but they’ve also been talked about as much as the other details of the party.

Interestingly the party that had just about 50 guests also had Blake Griffin, Kendall’s rumored boyfriend on the list. The boots have 300 rhinestones that make them shine brightly, and thus, were easy to spot when Kendall wore them again at Blake’s baseball game. This is when their relationship become sort of an official thing.

The star cheered on her BF at the Los Angeles Clippers game. The rumor gained the status of 99.9% confirmed when People mentioned that an onlooker reported to the magazine that “Kendall was in a great mood.” And “She and Blake hung out, but they also mingled separately.”

People also talked about another source who said, “Kendall is very happy with Blake. They started out more like friends, and then it was very casual. But it seems more serious lately. When they are not together, they keep in touch over the phone. Her family has accepted Blake. They are spending time getting to know him.”

Kendall slayed again though she had already worn the shoes once a few days back at her birthday. She was seen sitting courtside at the basketball game, donning a simple, white, oversized turtleneck with light wash distressed denim jeans. Her laidback style complete with a high ponytail and bright red lipstick.

Though these boots have been the talk of the town several times before as well, every time a new celebrity rocks them, the internet and media go crazy. No wonder, seeing how perfect the pair the is. Here’s to wondering which member of Hollywood would be next in line to try out this pair.