After being seen on a Yacht with Los Angeles Lakers player Kyle Kuzma, Kendall Jenner has become the center of rumors. But are these two even dating?

E! News is uncertain but sources have told Entertainment Tonight that there’s nothing between them. The insider said, “The two were hanging out over the holiday as friends.” But wait right there; didn’t Kendall just hint on the Fourth of July that she was in the mood to be in love?

Sharing her feelings, she said on ZaZa World Radio, “I just feel like you should be in love on Fourth of July.” Considering Jenner is being linked to the NBA player lately, many thought that she was alluding that she is in love. However, it is entirely possible that these two are just pals and we’re all looking too much into the matter.

Or maybe this is just a summer fling. Kendall Jenner has always been one to stir short-lived romances. Last year she was seen locking lips with Anwar Hadid but despite all their physical closeness, nothing happened between the two.

About her current rumors with Kyle, the insider further continued, “They’ve run in the same circle for a while and there’s no romantic relationship between them. Kendall is enjoying being single after ending things with Ben.”

After the one time she was seen with Kuzmo, the Victoria’s Secret model hasn’t been seen with him again. Currently, the 23-year-old is spending her summer in the best way possible at beaches in Greece. Kylie Kuzmo is not the first NBA player who has been linked to Kendall.

She was previously dating Ben Simmons, on and off. In May they officially broke up. Kendall Jenner has herself mentioned that it is pretty easy for her to move on from relationships. However, she doesn’t let go of people without a reason. Jenner told Entertainment Tonight, “Someone has to do something to make me off it.”