Remember the last time you messed up your makeup? You can convince yourself all you want that everybody has forgotten about it but in truth, you know that the photographs taken that night are a testament to your bad makeup skills. Chances are your BFF warned you against these gross looks that you so wholeheartedly embraced and now she keeps reminding you of that one time you were daring enough to mortify yourself.

Just like friends, better than bad makeup is no makeup. You can avoid the photographs but there is no getting rid of the horrible flashbacks that you are going to get that are part and parcel of the post-ugly-makeup experience. This is why, to save you from such situations, here is a list of makeup disasters that you must avoid at all costs. Even if that means you have to stay home (even if it is Halloween) and not live a life. Yup, totally said that.

The eyebrow horror tale

These days brows are the talk of the town. We’ve seen a variety of eyebrow styles lately, most of which are downright absurd. Braided brows, spiky brows, Nike brows, the list goes on and on but the advice is the same; steer clear of all these trends. But when it comes to eyebrows, there is a myriad of mistakes that you can choose from.

You must not choose any, no matter how enticing the idea may seem. Don’t draw your brows in lines. Fill them the way experts do. Just tiny strokes and brush magic would do. Don’t over-fill, don’t leave them all together either (unless you are blessed naturally with an on-point brow game) If your hands are clumsy, get them done by someone else.

The lipstick blunder

Unless you are aiming for the creepy clown look, just never use a contrasting lip liner to outline your lips that is darker than your lipstick’s shade. This has failed even celebrities. Even if you are gorgeous, just don’t do this.

Also, don’t just smear on your lipstick whenever you get a moment to. For goodness’s sake, understand and respect lipstick rules. You have to moisturize your lips before applying lipstick, you have to draw a perfect line. You have to invest time. If you don’t have any to invest, go for lip crayons.

The overdo mess

Overdone makeup is for Halloween not for regular days. You can’t expect your boyfriend to not break up with you if you keep going for dark lips, eyes, and cheeks at once all smudged on a thick layer of foundation that doesn’t match your natural skin tone. Cake face is horrifying. If you plaster on too much base to hide bad skin, know that you will just end up making it more prominent.

A better idea would be choosing a good cleansing routine and visiting the dermatologist. Also, don’t apply too much, mismatched or perfectly rounded blush. Every time you dab on excess makeup the beauty goddess frowns at you from the clouds.

The eye makeup disappointment

You think that you look all vintage and classy when you drag that eyeliner wing to reach your ears but you actually look utterly silly. You think you can ace that eyeshadow without having the tactic to pull it off? Nope. Accept that some makeup techniques better be left to the talented.

Oh, and fluttering your mascara-clotted eyelashes doesn’t make you look like Ariana Grande. Clumpy mascara is a big no-no. Also stay away from fake eyelashes that look unnatural. Remember, no matter what you do, moderation is the key to success.