You know that moment when a cookie crumbles right in front of your eyes? Like no, cookie, please don’t crumble, I haven’t even eaten you yet. That’s how Victoria’s Secret must be feeling right now. Because this year has been all about obstacles coming out of nowhere in the brand’s path. The latest of it is that Katy Perry who was due to perform at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show would be missing this event.

According to Page Six, the Swish Swish singer has been denied access to China. The reason? Perry offended the Chinese back in 2015. Reports suggest that Chinese officials look through the social media profiles of artists before such big events to check if they have been involved in offensive activities toward the nation.

Back in 2015, Katy Perry had performed in Taipei, Taiwan, wearing a bright dress decorated with sunflowers. This had angered the Chinese. The sunflower was a symbol of anti-Chinese protestors in 2014. Perry had also shown her support for Taiwan by draping its flag on her shoulders.

This incident just caught the attention of the Chinese because before the singer had been informed that she would be allowed entry in China. And therefore, now Katy won’t be seen singing in the 2017 VS catwalk show.

“For every artist who wants to perform in China, officials comb through their social media and press reports to see if they have done anything deemed to be offensive to the country,” a source told Page Six. “Maroon 5 was banned a few years ago because one band member wished the Dalai Lama happy birthday on Twitter.”

From the looks of it, the lingerie brand has already found Perry’s replacement. Boybander Harry Styles will be performing. Some say that Taylor Swift can be an option, but she might or might not be able to access the country considering her last album’s title – that is also her birth year – 1989, is sort of a taboo topic in China.

Just a few hours before this news broke out, model Gigi Hadid announced that she wouldn’t be participating in this year’s Victoria’s Secret fashion show despite confirming the opposite just a few months back.

From what most publications and commenters on social media say, Hadid has also been denied a visa to the country because of the racist video of hers that had surfaced in September. The younger Hadid model, Bella, who had posted the video that was later deleted, would be seen walking down the ramp for the company though.

Apart from these two huge roadblocks, several other models (three Russian and one Ukrainian: Julia Belyakova, Kate Grigorieva, Irina Sharipova and Dasha Khlystun) will also not be able to land in Shanghai for the show for the same reason; rejection of visa. Page Six has also reported that Adriana Lima’s visa has been delayed due to some diplomatic problem. Rumors say that hers would also be canceled.

A huge lot of bloggers who were set to cover the show will also not be flying to China as they have not been granted visas. Media outlets are also facing difficulties with accessing the Mercedes-Benz Arena to shoot the event. This is not the first time something like this has happened; celebs have been banned from entering China before as well. Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber and Maroon 5 are on that list.