In the times of Corona, hearing good news is rare. However, the latest news of Katy Perry giving birth to a baby girl comes with a wave of fresh air. She announced the arrival of her daughter, with Orlando Bloom, and the coupled named the daughter Daisy Dove Bloom. While giving out this news, the couple said that they are floating in love and wonder. The fact that she is safe, as well as healthy, had taken them to cloud nine.

The First Picture Uploaded By The Couple:

On twitter, the couple uploaded the first picture and unveiled the image of the daughter. The picture chosen by the couple is black and white, which features all three of them. Both Katy and Orlando holding the kid lovingly, and the backdrop is extremely adorable. According to the reports and the revelations made by Katy, she was pregnant while shooting the video of her latest single, Never Worn White. The video was shot at the beginning of this year, which gained a lot of fame from the audience.

Blessing Of A Peaceful Birth:

The fact that the couple had a very peaceful birthing experience has made it feel extremely blissful. The couple stated that it feels extremely blessed over the fact that there was no stress during the birth process. According to the couple, the shortage of healthcare workers around the world has caused a lot of issues to pregnant women. In such a situation, having a stable delivery system has been extremely blissfully.

Announcement of a donation

To celebrate the birth of the daughter, the couple has come up with the initiative of setting up a donation page. The donations made on this page will help the newborn kids and the mothers giving birth to them. This decision has been taken considering the current situation surrounding the COVID issue, that has caused a lot of worries to the pregnant women. The unavailability of the resources, owing to the lay off made due to CORONA, has made it difficult for a lot of people to get the required medical facilities.

The wedding plans:

The couple plans to get married sometime soon after they got engaged this year on Valentine’s day. Before that, the singer was married to  Russell Brand.

Here is wishing the couple on the birth of their baby girl.