When it comes to elegance, Kate Winslet is one to look up to. The star who rose to fame in 1997 thanks to Titanic, is all about grace. In a recent interview with Daily Mail, she talked about age-appropriate clothing. But her views on fashion might have hurt some feelings.

Winslet thinks that now that she’s above 40, her dressing choices should be more on the decent side. “I’m suddenly entering that zone, even though my daughter will say, ‘Well, Mom, it doesn’t bloody matter’.” She further added, “But actually, at events, I think it does, though in real life it doesn’t matter at all.”

The 42-year-old said, “There’s something sort of uncomfortable to me about seeing women who are clearly presenting themselves in a way that’s designed to make people stare, but not for the right reasons.” However, Kate’s opinion is one that is rather unpopular these days.


There are so many celebrities who choose to wear revealing outfits to celebrate their bodies. But thigh-high slits, plunging necklines, and daring cutouts don’t impress the Divergent actress anymore. “When I walk into a room, I hope to have interesting conversations with people; I’m not interested in whether people look at me or not. In fact, quite the opposite.”



While everyone has the right to decide for themselves and Kate’s opinions are just what she thinks, her comments are bound to make others feel bad. “If I have to come to an event, it’s always nice to feel a bit pulled together, but nothing that draws too much attention,” continued Winslet.

Although, in the past, she has also worn clothes that many might call daring. Kate Winslet also said that her late mother had influenced her style choices. She said, “Even when I became the me post-Titanic, she [her mother] would still say, ‘Please, darling, don’t wear anything that draws too much attention.’”

Twitter doesn’t seem to approve of Winslet’s recent views on wearing what suits your age. One person wrote, “Women can do what the hell they want rather than bending over backwards for Kate Winslet.” We can’t help but wonder if Kate had someone particular in mind when she said this.