Kareena Kapoor Khan is a household name in Bollywood. Her ‘main apni favourite hun’ dialogue is loved by everyone even after so many years of her uttering it in Jab We Met. This is why, in a recent online interview, her comment on the issue of nepotism did not go well with the audience.

She said that it is the audience that watches the nepo kids in the cinema, and eventually makes them the stars that they are. While saying that, she had quite a condescending expression, implying an arrogant look down upon the audience.

Kareena is a quintessential nepo kid, who has her entire family in the family business. After having a successful career spanning over three decades, her comment in such a derogatory tone, saying that she is fine if the ‘audience doesn’t watch her in the cinemas’.


Kareena Kapoor Tashan Photos - Ameesha Patel Fans

Tashan is a movie where Kareena met her future husband, Saif.

Most definitely ,this is the ONLY good thing she got out of the movie.

The movie was a big flop, with the story-line being extremely cringe-worthy and the acting being over the top. The movie revolved around four people chasing a suitcase having some crores, and how the turns and twists make them plan their next movies.

Kareenas’s name is ‘Guriyya Khan’, which is enough to tell you what kind of a character she plays in the movie.

Our verdict: AVOID


Main Prem Ki Diwani Hoon

If ‘overacting’ was a skill, Kareena Kapoor would be the Picasso of it. Her acting in Main Prem Ki Diwani Hoon is so over the top that, at times, you would find it difficult to sit through the movie.

A special mention to her weird af antics when she meets Prem for the first time is required here. In one of her scenes, she literally screams so high that one feels his ears being pierced by her scream.

Our verdict: If you want to stay sane, stay away from this movie


Gori Tere Pyaar Mein

This movie was an attempt of Kareena Kapoor Khan into showing the World that she can do a simple-village-girl roles as amazingly as she can portray the role of a modern-urban-girl.

BUT, she failed miserably at it.

The actor who worked with her in the movie was Imran Khan, and knowing how bad he is at acting, it didnt help getting good reviews to the movie either.

Though it is available on Netflix, it would be better to give it a skip.

Our verdict: ‘TOOH’ is the only song that you can tolerate in this movie. Watch it on Youtube!



Khushi is the movie that Kareena did when she thought that as soon as the camera rolls, all she has to do is laugh loud, scream, and give weird expressions. Opposite her, in this movie, is Fardeen Khan, and we all know how good of an actor he is!

Both the protagonists have a love hate relationship, and seems like both of them are contesting against each other on who can over-act to the max and irritate the hell out of the audience.

Our Verdict: Choose your peace of mind over this over-the-top movie

Jeena Sirf Mere Liye

Now this movie has a story line that is as cliche as it could be. Two friends, separated at childhood, finding each other when get young and falling in love when finally meet is the most favorite story line for every director ever!

Our Verdict: Dont try to watch it or you will regret wasting your three hours forever