Kanye West, the famous Rapper and singer has announced that he will be challenging Trump for the 2020 United States of  America presidency. Since the last few years, a lot of memes on him running for the President have been circulating. However, today, he has finally announced that he will be running in the elections.

The singer who has made famous songs with amazing lyrics such as ‘reach for the stars, so if you fall, you land on clouds’, has urged his fans to vote for him. He has surely taken these lyrics quite seriously.

What Kyne actually said?

While talking about his decision to run for the Presidency, the singer tweeted that the Americans need to trust God and unify their vision. This will help them in building a stronger future together. He also announced further that he will be running for the President of the US, and ended his tweet with a hashtag saying 2020 Vision.

However, the singer did not offer more details. The election are to be held in the month of November, which are only four months away from now. Along with this, he also did not shed any light on whether he has already registered for his run for the office or not.

The reaction of his fans:

Fans reacted on his tweet immediately. As soon as the singer announced his stint, he was made the most trending topic of the day on Twitter. Where a lot of tweets were about people asking him if this really is a real intention on a mere publicity stunt. On the other hand, a lot of fans of the billionaire singer showed great excitement. They vowed to vote for him and stick by him throughout the duration of campaigns.

Kim’s reaction:

Kanye West’s wife, Kim Kardashian simply replied to this tweet with a flag of America. There is nothing else that she said about it. This further enhanced the curiosity of the fans. This was owing to the fact that no one got to know with this reply whether Kanya is really serious about his run for the Presidency this year or not.

Elon Musk’s reaction:

Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla, reacted to this tweet and showed encouragement to the singer. He said that he will support the singer fully in this new phase of his life.


Kanya, the 43 years old singer, has mentioned quite a lot of times in the past that he would like to run for the Presidency. Last year, he said that he would run for the seat in the year 2024.

Kanya has been an active supporter of All Lives Matter. When he released his new song ‘Wash us in our blood’, he posted an image of from the black-lives-matter protests. In the past, the singer has also discussed his mental health issues. He said that he suffered from Bipolar Disorder, which is quite difficult to tackle at times.