May 26, 2022

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Kadarius Toney should grow up now that he’s joined the rest of the giants

Kadarius Toney should grow up now that he's joined the rest of the giants

Toni Kadarius was supposed to jump for joy in hopes of playing for a creative mind like Brian Dabol, and had to defeat Daniel Jones at the Giants facility to start the small voluntary camp.

After his turbulent rookie season where Toney’s Law replaced Murphy’s Law, there was every reason to show up, grow, and get the good blessings of the new system rather than forcing Daboll to answer questions about his whereabouts and forcing GM Joe Schoen To entertain business offers.

Kadarius Tony didn’t show up at last To take care in the new rules of the game.

Now is the time to grow up.

It’s time for him to once and for all ignore everything he reads on social media and be the kind of New York soccer giant that Daboll and Schoen crave for their massive rebuild: smart, tough, dependable.

Remember what Dave Gettleman said after drafting Saquon Barkley when asked why he wasn’t interested in trading from the second overall pick?

“People are calling you and they want the second pick from the draft for a bag of donut, hot dog and hot dog.”

Presumably, Schoen will be able to bring more than a bag of cake, hot biscuits and hot dogs for Tony Cadarius. But a mid-round pick for a 23-year-old?

Best Schwinn must exhaust every effort to save him.

Kadarius Toney runs with the ball during his 189-yard performance against the Cowboys.
Kadarius Toney runs with the ball during his 189-yard performance against the Cowboys.
Getty Images

Oh, and remember what Gettleman said about Odell Beckham Jr. Before signing it by not trading it and then trading it less than a year later?

“You don’t give in to talent.”

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Tony is talent. When the ball is in his hands, he can take your breath away. You cannot take your eyes off him. He can stop at the dime and leave the change of defenders.

If you can carry it in the field and keep it there, that is.

“He was a dynamo when we saw him in a few games. … New Orleans and then Dallas was like, ‘Wow.’ Giants legend Karl Banks told The Post. another person. Or the first coming of Kadarius Toney. “Because I don’t think he has arrived.”

When and if he arrives, the banks would like to see him arrive with the giants.

“That’s all in his hand,” Banks said. “I think he controls that as much as anyone else.”

The former Giants regime drafted Tony last year with the 20th pick partly because he got his first all-rounder for the 2022 Bears, partly because the Eagles traded over the G-Men to steal WR DeVonta Smith…and partly because nothing was more important to the franchise. Daniel Jones took the elusive next step and made him a squad maker.

And still, a year later.

Jones is almost certain to have a right tackle in the first round Thursday night to book Andrew Thomas, so there you go. But in the spacious reception room at Big Blue, neither signing free agent Kenny Goladay nor injured Toni (39 receptions, 420 yards in 10 games) earned a single pass for him in 2021.

Daboll is the right coach to get to Toney, not only because he has a proven track record of putting offensive players into positions for success, but because he He is a relationship builder. The same tough love that Daboll gave Josh Allen could be beneficial to Toney’s development.

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Daboll is a soccer player.

It’s Tony to convince him, Shwyn, and skeptical Giants fans who view him as a thunderbolt that being Tony Cadarius, #89, means more than rapper Young Guka. There were anonymous concerns that Tony’s commitment to the game was difficult, but the Giants told us they checked him well and were relieved that this was a good kid from a good family. In the little exposure I had last season, I loved it. From what I can tell, most of his teammates did too.

Trading Toney during the draft or before June 1 would cost the Giants $2.3 million in cover space with a maximum penalty of $5.5 million. Schwinn has broken his back since day one putting the Giants in a position where they only have $5,588,274 in cover space.

“You can give me 1,000 different definitions of what it means to be a professional,” Daboll said nearly two months ago. “Punctuality, hard work, all the things we talk about. All these new players and coaches, including myself, it’s a clean slate.”

Kadarius Tony
Kadarius Tony
Bill Costron/New York Post

If Kadarius Toney has one last chance to clean up the board and change the narrative, it’s the time, this is the moment the light comes out. He doesn’t do himself any credit for taking to Instagram and posting things like: “I hurt your damn feelings I tried to hurt myself, idgaf for nothing.”

Kadarius Toney From this day forward must: Show that you are passionate about your career. Show that you’re excited about your new coach. Show that you are talking about giants. He’s not the only 23-year-old who needs to grow up. Eli Apple did not do as a giant.

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But wait, there’s some good news: Tony hasn’t unplugged the team from his Instagram account!

Emergence is only the first step.

Growing up is the next giant step.