Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin are taking their flirting game up. The couple that is obsessively followed by paparazzi has been seen sharing emotions, holding hands and kissing in public several times. Now they are doing more than that.

They are also commenting on each other’s pictures on Instagram. We mean, Justin Bieber is commenting on his wife’s pictures on the social media site. You’re probably thinking that they must have commented before as well. After all, they have been in a relationship for quite a long time now.

But no, Hailey has not commented on Justin’s pictures so far. And even though JB has left comments on his model lady’s ‘gram before, those comments were bland and unromantic. This time around though, Bieber has left a flirty comment which has been liked by thousands of fans.

As caught by Comments by Celebs, on a latest picture of Hailey’s in which she is seen rocking an embellished outfit, Justin has written, “Holy crap this is hot.” We couldn’t agree more with the Never Say Never singer. His wifey does look pretty darn amazing!

We still don’t get why Hailey Baldwin does not leave any lovey-dovey comments on Justin’s pictures. After all, before these two were lovebirds, she used to fangirl about Bieber on Twitter. We’re talking about back when Justin was Selena’s boyfriend and HB used to even ship them together!

The latest picture on which Justin left this thirsty comment is one from Hailey’s Pretty Little Thing campaign. The 21-year-old star is the new face of the brand. Baldwin shared the picture to announce the news to her followers on October 30.

In another news, Justin Bieber has cut back on work to enjoy married life. The couple was also spotted in Disney World only a few days back. Hopefully, we will be getting to see several more JB comments on HB’s pictures.