How does Kim Kardashian manage it all? While we don’t know that secret of hers yet what we do know is that a new perfume is on the way. And this time, it will be unisex. There’s no denying that the social media influencer has even stronger entrepreneurial skills.


She’s not just a makeup mogul with her KKW Beauty brand, but she has a fragrance line as well. Over the past years, we’ve seen her gives fans three perfume ranges. It all started with the luxurious Crystal Gardenia scents that were elaborately packaged and held a fragrance as amazing as the packaging.

Then, she introduced those irresistible Kimoji Heart Perfumes which were not only lovely scent-wise but also Instagram-friendly. Next, earlier this month Kim K brought three new fragrances to the field; Vibes, Cherry, and Peach. It took her minutes to make millions with this set which doesn’t come off as a surprise because the 37-year-old’s products are known for selling like hot cakes.

However, a marketing firm called Vibes also accused the reality TV show star for copying their logo. There’s no update on what happened there yet but Kanye West’s wife is busy preparing for her next perfume. She posted a tweet informing fans of the upcoming Kimoji unisex perfume today and of course, fans are delighted!

This new fragrance will be coming out in fall. Kim hasn’t revealed any further details for fans. So, we don’t yet know anything about the scent or the packaging. However, we can say with certainty that this mum of three is not going to fail her audience. We bet the new unisex perfume will also sell out at the speed of light.

A perfume that you and your significant other can share? Yes please! Let’s just hope Kim Kardashian is merciful enough to give fans more info on this new project.