Wave a carefree goodbye to the days when women sat around and cried for equality. The history of sexist advertising is being flipped. It’s the men who are being objectified now. Due to the patriarchal nature of the world in general, the women in ads were being used as sexual objects. To make it worse, the idea was also being regularly promoted that women are somehow inferior to men and are only here to serve and please them.

Women have been objectified in various ways in our ads. They are only supposed to look pretty for men or attract men. All the storyboards of the ads showcase women as something that is only living on this planet to win our men hearts.

Men were the bosses.

One such example is of Wyenberg Massagic Shoes ad from 1970’s. The shoes were shown in the ad with women face licking it or resting beside it on floor. The tagline read ‘keep her where she belongs’. The madness is endless: Reasons behind applying a face cream for seven straight days? Why wait for the approval of someone when you spend hours cooking the most delicious food in the world? Being the best and the most wonderful mother to children? Or having the shining hair? – All to win the goddamn love of men.

But hold your horses, this year the trend took a drastic and a brutal u – turn.

The ads are not hectoring women anymore. Men are the victims now.

Recently, a leading women suit maker called Suistudio launched a campaign titled ‘Not Dressing Men’. The ads revolve around a bossy looking woman, who is striking powerful poses and is sharply dressed in corporate luxurious suits. Whereas, the man are lying naked in the background, reduced to a mere symbol of sexism.

The vice president of the campaign, Kristina Barricell believes that the advertising is simply fighting the one sided history of brutal harassment. In her view, there is nothing wrong with highlighting sex in adverts. In fact, according to her sex plays a vital role in fashion. The only problem is that in the history, the ads never showed a naked man instead of women.

Strange, isn’t it?

Women are not sex objects. Agreed!

But the question that arises in our minds is: Is this the solution?

Nope. Zero. Zip. Zilch.

Flipping gender role was never the objective. This approach to gender equality is only going to cause more harm than good. The recent fashion of declaring oneself a feminist is only going to be productive if in doing so, you don’t end up belittling men.

If not, the imbalance is going to last forever.