The Originals is history. Now Legacies is all set to hit screens soon. The show that would be Hope-centric has not received a whole lot of fan-approval, but the makers of the show are trying their best for it to be epic. We’re pretty sure Julie Plec would do a great job at the spin-off once again.

In a previous interview, the showrunner mentioned how the spin-off would have a new monster each week – that seems way more intense than The Vampire Diaries and even The Originals. She added how all these villains would hint at a big bad who would surface at the end of the season, very much like how it has always been in her shows.

The one thing that Plec is doing different this time? She’s hoping to make relationships that are more on the “socially responsible” side of the scale. In a new verbal-exchange session with TV Guide, Julie Plec opened up about how in TVD, the hero and the heroine had a huge age difference. She mentioned how it didn’t seem wrong then because of how people had eaten up the Twilight love story as well.

While the year-gap between Elena and Stefan seemed romantic, it was also “inappropriate.” So, this time, Plec will be shaking things in a different mix. She says that in this age something like that wouldn’t work.

Plec said that they have “tried to be a little bit just socially responsible for the moment. It also opened doors for us to tell vampire stories that we haven’t actually told yet. So, it’s fun.” Well, yes, we’re all up for this new change in romantic direction. After all, no one would be interested in repetition.

We’re excited to see how Plec will manage to give this show its own identity and fame. She did make sure that The Originals was way different than TVD despite being set in the same universe. Can’t wait for October 25, the date when the first episode drops!