Jordyn Woods has been a firm advocate of body positivity since she started modelling. However, to her, body positivity didn’t come as a revelation; it was more a natural process as Woods walked the ramp as a plus-size model.

The movement that gained a lot of attention, now has people questioning if it is actually helpful or just another marketing ploy. Kylie Jenner’s BFF believes that it’s not the movement itself where the problem lies. Rather it is in the way it being showcased and interpreted that holds problematic seeds.

In a recent interview with Yahoo Lifestyle in New York City, the model explained how body positivity has “kind of a weird concept nowadays.” And we couldn’t agree more. The 20-year-old went on to tell the publication how people started slamming her when she went to the gym to deal with her emotions when her father passed away the previous year.

“They’re saying, ‘Oh, you’re working out, you don’t like your body, you’re trying to look a certain way.’ But no, I feel like loving your body and being body positive is taking care of yourself, doing things to make you better, and doing things that you want to do,” she said. Does being body positive mean forgetting all about trying to be healthy?

When did it all turn against a good diet and regular exercise, the benefits of which are vast? Even brands are just using the concept as a tool to gain attention for themselves rather than shed light on the importance of being comfortable in your own skin and not having to suffer through mockery for it. Looks like capitalism is at it again. Or perhaps, it never took a break.

“People don’t really realize, but I’ve talked to other plus-size models who say they’ve gained a lot of weight and are working more. Or they’ve lost a lot of weight and are not working as much,” continued Woods. The point is to be okay with how you look and work toward better health.

It’s to stop with the bashing and accept and love. It’s definitely not about going with the flow of the trends. Here’s to hoping Jordyn Woods’ concepts see the light of the sun and body positivity becomes more of a positive concept.