Jordyn Woods was just put in the most awkward spot – a group of cameramen went up to her and forced answers out of her. But don’t worry, there was no pushing or shoving and Woods replied like a pro! Basically, TMZ caught up to the former Good American model and asked her about her relationship status with Kylie Jenner, her former BFF… only days after she had to leave her table at Coachella because Kendall Jenner and her gang made her feel uncomfortable.

To be exact, the reporters asked the 21-year-old, “Would you be willing to rekindle the friendship and try to make things right with Kylie?” To which she replied, “I have love for everyone. Always.” But because they weren’t able to extract out a precise response, they prompted “do you love Kylie?” And to this she said, “Always.”

Elizabeth Woods, Jordy’s mother, who was there with her said, “We love Kylie” which made the reporters ask the mother-daughter duo if they had a message for the makeup mogul. Again, they bravely said, “We love you, Kylie” before hopping on an escalator and escaping this scene. Wow, honestly, that was one great way to handle paparazzi.

If anything, Jordyn Woods has been nice. After the scandal broke out that she had made out with Tristan Thompson, Khloe Kardashian’s baby daddy, the model faced backlash, online bullying, and subtle attacks from the Kar-Jenner klan as well as the angered audience.

However, Jordyn, when she had to come to the fore because the bullying was getting to her family and past, didn’t drag the reality TV show stars down. She bravely clarified her side of the story and then let things be. We’re glad that people stopped showing hate on her and some even understood what she was conveying. Ever since, Jordyn and her mum have even tried to interact with Kylie on Instagram too but the Kylie Cosmetics founder has not yet returned any love.