Joe Jonas and DNCE members have joined hands with K-Swiss to start a brand-new line of shoes. Coming in different silhouettes, there are four sneaker designs, each showcased by DNCE banders. One shoe is white with glitter stripes running down the side, another is white with rainbow-colored letters reading the brand’s name.

The third sneaker is white with back soles, but the one that manages to win the most points and has the sassiest details is the fourth one. Rocked by Joe Jonas, this final pair is black with red in the mix. Designed by the 28-year-old himself, the bottom of these sneakers reads “Come find me” a secret message by the singer.

In an interview with WWD, the former J-Bros singer said, “My shoe has ‘Come find me’ written on it.” He explained what the words meant, further saying, “Whether you’re at school or a music festival, you can take a selfie with the shoe and have wherever you are in the background. That way you can encourage people to get out, do things, and live their best life.”

The new footwear line will be sold at K Swiss and Journeys exclusively and the prices range from $70 to $110. When talking about their partnership with K-Swiss, Joe Jonas said, “It’s one of those iconic brands. You know the name and you’ve probably worn the shoes throughout your life. I was actually really excited. It was cool to be in a room with a team and have multiple meetings building these shoes.”

Joe also said that he would be looking forward to playing a role in the apparel industry too. The guy can now add shoe designer to his resume, but he knows that he needs to learn a lot more about the work that goes into the process of creating amazing pieces like that. His latest footwear line mixes Instagram-worthy sass, trendiness, and funk aptly.