Internet is a funny place. At times, it gives instant popularity to people for a video surfacing, which shows them doing something good. For days they are hailed for their good deed. However, there are times when the bad fate works and a controversial video goes viral. Now, if this video concerns a famous person, there is a great chance that he or she will be roasted by the internet people left, right and center. The same has happened with Jimmy Fallon.

Currently, Fallon is trending on all social media platforms, however for the wrong reason. The show host, in a recently surfacing video is seen donning a black face. This image shows Fallon in a controversial manner, where it seems that he is mocking black. The video is quite old, which was actually shot in the year 2000. Twenty years down the lane, this video shows a racist approach against blacks.

Images out of the skit

The images show him in impersonating Chris Rock. These images are from his World Famous show “Jimmy Fallon is over party”. As soon as the images surfaced over the internet, various twitter trends originated and called out Fallon. The twitter trend naming “Jimmy Fallon is Over Party” made everyone tweet against these images. People all across the World, which also included his fans, criticized him for being insensitive and impolite. Most of the twitteraties called him out for his hypocrisy.

Darrell Hammond’s part

The controversial skit from which these images were taken out was also bashed quite a lot . The original skit also had Darrell Hammond in it, who was an integral part of SNL. From 1990 to 1993, he was a very important part of the the cast. The sketch is quite comedic, which shows him don-ing a complete black face.

Response from Jimmy Fallon

Jimmy Fallon, however, did not respond to this backlash for a long time. However, this Tuesday, he apologized for the skit, which he was a part of. He said that he was sorry about taking the decision of being a part of this skit. Furthermore, he thanked the fans for making him accountable for his acts. On the other hand, NBC also did not utter a word regarding this controversy. The clip got viral immediately, as soon as it found its place on Twitter. Up till now, there are more than ninety thousand views on it.

Social Media Checks Racism Efficiently

People on internet hope that all the famous personalities will get a lesson, and ensure that nothing of such sort happens again. Social media, for sure, is a legitimate place that calls people out on their offensive acts. It keeps the behavior of people in check, offering an ability to avoid racist behaviors.