January 17, 2022

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Jenshin’s Impact – Built Ito – Artifacts, Weapons and Skills

Jenshin Impact is a single-player RPG that is played in multiplayer mode, with a large number of characters to be fitted with the help of a successful game and artifacts and weapons, skills and essentials. Not always easy to find. So today we tell you about the equipment of the playable characters of Jenshin Impact: Ito!

This chart allows you to give your character a first perspective. You can upgrade it to suit your needs, but you can start with this type of configuration, which will allow you to progress easily in the game. This creation is designed for the average level adventure between level 40 and 45, you can transform it into an obviously low level, however, beyond the level of AR 45 it is necessary to go into more detail about some artifacts, but your character fitted in this way is fully playable.

I was not given any weapons

The weapons provided are at a very high level, but your 4 * weapons, or your 3 * weapons, alternatives, of course, do not require much optics, but they do work well when found!

After reading the statistics, first try to get close to the favorite figures for your archeology and depending on their size you may or may not miss enough. When you get the recommended weapons, there is always time to change!

Genshin Impact is currently available on PC, PS4 and smartphones.

Source – Sebijin

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