Jennifer Aniston’s yoga guru Mandy Ingber who has been teaching the Hollywood actor yoga for 15 years has revealed secret to healthy life.

Aniston is seemingly getting better with age and Ingber is the reason behind it, it has been said. Ingber has been the American actress’ yoga teacher for over 15 years and has gained a reputation for being Hollywood’s yoga guru. Ingber has been known to help many stars gear into shape with the ancient practise, Ingber recently revealed yoga is not her favourite form of exercise.

In an exclusive interview with the Daily Mail, Ingber shares the true key to a healthy life and body. In the past, Ingber suffered eating disorders, a horrific attempted rape and mental health problems. Her growth into a healthy lifestyle has stemmed from finding inner peace and being truly conscious to obtain self-love for daily well-being.

The fitness instructor told the Daily Mail when working on your body, most people want to “feel comfortable in their skin”.

Achieving a fit body is all about the kind of choices you make, she said.  Eating real food that will nourish and fuel your body is the best nutrition you can give yourself. That includes a healthy balanced diet with less sugar and processed food.

Ingber also believes that finding the best form of physical activity you enjoy will help you achieve your fitness goals. If yoga isn’t your thing, keep exploring. Her workouts work she believes because it is all about self-love and doing what the body craves.

It may sound redundant but diet and exercise really is the key. Because that helps reinforce self love everyday, which leads to a healthy lifestyle practice.