Selena Gomez calls Jennifer Aniston her “mentor” while Jennifer thinks of Selena as her “little cherub” but looks like their bond has been disturbed all because of a… man. That’s just heart breaking.

Selena Gomez who just got out of an on-off relationship with Justin Bieber expanded her love for another Justin. This time it was Justin Theroux, who is Jennifer Aniston’s ex. The two only recently called quits after being married for a solid two years.

When Gomez and Theroux started bonding over their breakups and were brought closer because they share the same manager, Jennifer Aniston was bound to get upset. Even though Justin Theroux and Jennifer Aniston had an amicable split according to what they said.

A new report says that Anniston confronted Gomez after she noticed that the Wolves singer had been bonding with her ex and had been seen out and about with him in Los Angeles. A source told The Sun, “Jennifer called her to ask [Selena] why she had been hanging out with Justin, because she felt betrayed.”

The insider further added, “She has been close to Selena for a few years and has taken her under her wing. But Jen has clearly been offended, which really affected Selena.” We don’t know yet if there is any truth to this story.

Justin Theroux seemed to be getting really close to Emma Stone as well, but no love bloomed there either. Perhaps, he is just friends with all these women. It all started when reports circulated about how Justin Theroux and Selena Gomez had been having deep conversations till late in the night.

“They FaceTime and text late at night and have intimate conversation about where they’re going in life and their career goals,” a source had told Life and Style. Only time will tell if there’s more.