You know that moment when you see something that really touches your heart and even though you weren’t planning on crying, the tears just flow? Something similar happened with Jennifer Lopez. The actress-singer-dancer couldn’t stop crying when she saw a performance about love on the May 29 episode of World OF Dance.

The dance performance by Sean and Kaycee was on the song Silence by Marshmello featuring Khalid. It was about how love makes one blind. To covey the idea not only was a powerful dance performance presented but the contestants were also blindfolded. Since J-Lo couldn’t control those tears fellow judges Ne-Yo and Derek Hough patted on her back to comfort her.

The Monster-In-Law star said, “The idea of not being able to see in a relationship, being so close to somebody, but not really seeing them, and then taking that off and allowing them in, it’s beautiful!” The Los Angeles dancers really got to Lopez who told them, “You really touched our hearts.” The 49-year-old celebrity has been through three failed marriages.


She didn’t reveal what was going on in her mind or which man she was referring to when she expressed her opinion on love and why she felt the dance had tickled her emotions. She’s currently dating Alex Rodriguez. They both have two children each from their previous marriages and their kids are their first priority. This is why for now, marriage of these two sits seems to be far off.

Jennifer Lopez further said about the performance, “It’s like, ‘See me!’ And then one person has to see the other person first, and the other person gets that trust and it happens… It was just so beautifully done.” The Love Don’t Cost A Thing songstress gave the pair a high score of 96 showing how effective and amazing she felt their work together was.