Where the whole world is going through a pandemic and the crisis is expanding with every passing day, people globally are under constant panic. There are people who are losing jobs, women are not able to feed the kids due to lack of resources and students with all their schools and colleges closed. However, in this time of global crisis, that one person who is getting benefit is Jeff Bezos. The ‘Amazon’ owner is the richest most guy living on the face of the globe. With time, he is gaining more and more money, and it is being said that in 2026, he will turn into a Trillionaire from Billionaire.

  • COVID 19 and its effects on Amazon:

With the Corona Virus speaking across the world, countries are implementing lock-downs. With these lock-down implemented, people are not allowed to go out of their houses. Now, it is natural that whatever they want, they would order it online. Amazon has turned into quite a reliable source of online shopping, and a lot of people around the world trust it for their online shopping spree. With people sitting at home, they are ordering all their stuff online from Amazon.

  • The new study and its results:

Recently, the company Amazon and its owner Jeff Bezos were trending on the social media app called Twitter. This happened when a platform named Comparisum conducted a study on the profits being generated by the companies around the world. According to this study, the company will make around one trillion dollars in the year 20126. This report was also replicated by Forbes. According to this report, Jeff Bezos tops the list of World’s richest people, and is about to double his wealth soon.

  • Bezos and his fortune:

With a net worth of around 143 billion dollars, Jeff Bezos is considered to be the richest man in the World. The Bloomberg Billionaire Index recently came up with a live track of the wealth occupied by most of the richest men in the World. This live track put Bill  Gates, the Microsoft founder, at the second spot. In the past, Jeff had to go through a bit of a difficult time personally as well as professionally. This happened when his wife, MacKenzie Bezos, filed for divorce against the Amazon owner. She is an American novelist and in 2019, she decided to part ways with Jeff. Her own net worth is  ‎$117.2 billion. As the alimony, Jeff had to handle over 4% of Amazon’s profits.

Still, he remained the richest most person across the World.

  • The luck playing in favor of Amazon:

With the Covid19 crackdown implementing all over the World, Amazon as an online shopping store received the maximum benefit out of it. In the month of March, the amount earned by the company was 105 billion dollars. However, as more and more people started to order their stuff from Amazon, it was able to make much more profit than before.