I don’t know about you, but I entirely agree with Jason Derulo on dancing the year away. If life gives you music, shake that booty! The Talk Dirty singer recently partnered with Zumba to give birth to a collaboration between music, fitness, and choreography. The songster has already started traveling far and wide to inspire Zumba fans to groove like a pro on his latest single Tip Toe ft. French Montana.

On Tuesday night Derulo popped up at The Beat Box LA’s Zumba Fitness studio where he revealed to Billboard quite a few bits about what he had in mind. He said, “For this Zumba class, we are actually taking choreography from the video and dumbing it down a little bit so that people can learn it quickly because obviously, we want to get a good workout in.” As he crashed the class, “Everyone kind of went crazy,” as reported by Page Six.

There Derulo took to the stage and his positive vibes had people forgetting how bad they were at dancing. Mid-session, the If I’m Lucky performer forgot his own moves for a bit and had to glance at his choreographer Jeremy Strong to remind himself the steps. The room was filled with more than 60 fitness fanatics ready to burn calories the fun way. After a class of three energetic songs, the singer made his way out.

In an interview for Zumba, Jason said, “Dance is central to everything I believe in, and Zumba is the brand that makes dancing accessible to everyone.” He further said, “What I love most about Zumba is that they make exercising fun and have made it accessible to everyone, and all over the world — and it’s a movement.” With this, the music topper is all set to mash up fitness and dancing with a twist of his own.